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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 16, 2015

May 9-15, 1998


This week welcomes comedian, television personality and man about town Jeff Dye to the show.


Ken and Jeff discuss the nature of being a collector, baseball cards, Wrestling toys, siblings questioning your reality, Hulk Hogan's Rock N' Wrestlin', the long strange tale of Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Jerry Seinfeld the Cartoon, how adults deal with caricatures, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, growing up in a house of ladies, why old people don't count, The Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball, growing up poor, buying things "As Seen on TV", Cops, the rumor mill, Profiler, The "Boston Lunch Break", sleeping at work, real life Fight Clubs, undercover white guys, Ken's misspent punk rock youth, The World's Greatest Commercials, the UK TV system, MTV, attending awards shows, wondering who the hell Jeff is, The Kurt Loder of Comedy, being an undercover nerd, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, "slabbing" baseball cards, replacing a gay character with Paulie Shore, fighting with Church, The Simpsons, teaching your Dad a lesson about taking risks, Touched by an Angel, Skeet Ulrich in Miracles, "poor face", stealing Ken's opinion, 7th Heaven, Ed, living in Quantum Leap with your own person Ziggy, Early Edition, encounters with professional athletes; world's biggest jerks, Wade Boggs, Hobo nicknames, Billy Ripkin's Fuck Face, making money on Ebay, grading collectibles, 90s Comics worth nothing, Marvel cards, Ken's childhood business of buying and flipping comic collections, having your own person arcade, watching a documentary every day, the comfort and escape of reality TV, Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water, Shark Tank, The downfall of the original George Bush, taking your wardrobe home, how Rich people spend money, having a cache of Giant Sized X-Men #1, TGIF, Small Wonder, hanging out with Ben Savage in a bar against your will, Billie Piper, Sinestro, Seinfeld, real life Midnight Societies, SNL, All That, Mad Magazine vs. Mad TV, and the one thing that makes Jeff's friends the most jealous of his life.