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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 7, 2015

In this special bonus mini-episode of the show, Ken welcomes Louise Post and Nina Gordon of the band Veruca Salt to the show.


Ken chats with Louise and Nina on their tour bus before their Boston gig about the heaven of 70s TV, growing up on East Coast vs. The Mid-West, the dark ages of cable proliferation, Happy Days, M.A.S.H., depressing theme songs, The 1973 Made-for-TV movie "Sunshine", the dark content of 70s TV aimed at children, the mystery of Beverly Archer, Halloween is Grinch Night, Jonathan Winters' pumpkin head, Sha-Na-Na, the birth of Nostalgia, 20 year cycles, Terri Nunn: Teen Actress with a bad rep on James at 15, the importance of The Bionic Woman, questioning Lindsay Wagner's well read status, TV negotiations with siblings, Star Trek vs. The Brady Bunch, living in a Brady Bunch genius den, being bumped from SNL by Sting, the sexy factor of Lee Majors and Gordon Sumner, The Monkees, crushing on Davy Jones, Cybill Shepherd :stunner, TV theme songs as your first favorite song, The Carol Burnett Show, Mama's Family's fall from grace, Eight is Enough and the mystery of its theme song, seeing you father in the face of Bob Newhart, rules around TV watching for children, getting your children to watch black and white shows, I Love Lucy, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Daniel Tiger, how one obtains old TV movies, Dolly Parton's speaking voice, turning down your own variety show, wanting to make a Playboy After Dark for the 90s, Hoarders, boycotting TV in the 80s and 90s, offending Justine Bateman, Nina's confusion around The Sausage The Mouse Clever Elsie The Golden Goose and Tom Tit Tat, and finding comfort in All in the Family and Sanford and Son during the "Heinous Hiatus".