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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 12, 2015

September 23 - 28, 1978

This week Ken welcomes actress, comedian, writer and all around comedy hero Janeane Garofalo to the show.


Ken and Janeane discuss their pitch for "Lost in Portland", nibs, birthday weeks, circling TV, testing HBO, Madison NJ, seeing Lipstick when you shouldn't have seen it, the popularity of rape movies in the 70s, the popularity of rape TV in the 10s, Jeff Goldblum in Death Wish, Chained Heat, Rape/Revenge, procedural shows ruining juries,  Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, Forest Whitaker, Matt Ryan, UK actors making the mistake of American Television, Mandy Patinkin, Mr. Show, Stand-Up, being totally absent from social media, the objective nature of comedy, the Simpsons, SNL, Michael Nesmith as Ken and Janeane's favorite person ever, Jay Leno, alienating people, wanting to be liked, Providence College in RI, Allston MA, open mics in Rhode Island, Midnight Movies as social mecca, only saying things to people you feel you can physically "take", Entertainers right to have political opinions, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, seeing your parents laugh, Laughs per day, camera mugging, the dinosaur networks, making quality television despite everything, James L. Brooks, art about art, The Famous Teddy Z, taking notes, business getting in the way of creativity, Bonnie Hunt, the internal struggle of telling someone who is doing awful work that they are doing awful work, rallying your co-workers, the misery of blind obedience, getting stuck as an actor, being aware of flukes, the 90s, being Hollywood poor, The Larry Sanders Show, The MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour, The Young Comedian Special, The Ben Stiller Show, hating the stand up you did at 19, falling into acting, being typecast as a human being based on roles, Q Ratings vs. Twitter followers, indie films, The Mary Tyler Moore Hour, "Difficult Men", Stone Pillow, Adam West, Lookwell, Heat Vision and Jack, The Professionals, UK TV, The Young Ones, "Bambi", US Remakes of UK shows, Steve Coogan, Janeane's work on "Ideal", Alan Partridge, Johnny Vegas, Saxondale, the sadness of unlikable characters, Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible, Graham Duff, turning 14, regimented television, passion for shows that surprise you, Grey's Anatomy, killing off beloved characters, the meaning of death on TV, Carvel, Cookie Puss, bullying, Gary Marshall's television empire vs his acting, the transition of Happy Days, The Waltons, Nuns Everywhere,  Project UFO, Family, Family as an ahead of its time unhappy, realistic show, bonding with your mother with television, sensing your parent's sadness through television, the loss of a parent, Barnaby Jones, sneaking TV, The Twilight Zone, Johnny Carson, the power of a sleeping bag, SCTV, and Ken and Janeane's favorite SCTV sketches.