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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 27, 2015

This week Ken welcomes Tom Rhodes to the show.


Ken and Tom discuss Ken's TV Guide archives, the family dynamic of the Archie Bunker Chair, neighborhood talk of cable, butter knife soft core pornography, Emmanuel, modern kids lack of mechanical skills, MTV, General Hospital, Rick Springfield, moot points, the social justice power of soap operas, Steve McQueen in French, Jerry Lewis' foreign tongue, Barney Miller, family dance parties, highlighting the TV Guide for late night stand up, Carson, Letterman, Rich Hall, Mike Wilmot's murderous ways, Viva Vietnam, being the face of Comedy Central, being the subject of an NBC/HBO/Fox bidding war, Must See TV, taking the crown from the Fresh Prince, how to go from public defender to private school English Teacher in one easy step, Mark Brazil, learning to act on National TV, Ron Glass, Hal Linden, how the kids take over, the funny teacher sub-genre, being one in a four pack, Dabney Coleman's Buffalo Bill, Alan Partridge, the UK influence over likable US characters,  being slammed by Entertainment Weekly, being fed up with Hair Jokes, Native Americans, Mr. Rhodes, why being the side character is better than being the lead, Minnesota, the charm of giant trucks, the death knell of Holiday Episodes, loving Lucy, live audiences, the arsenal of supporting cast, Jensen Ackles, Lindsay Sloane, Sean Weiss, Alexandra Holden, Jessica Stone, Stephen Tobolowsky, watching the news as a kid, genetic love of stand up comedy, Holland, The NBC Artist's Grant, London Comedy, Greg Proops, The Kevin Masters Show, travel shows, MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour and the memorable moments live gifts us with gold carts and the Back to the Future town square.