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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 20, 2015

September 24-30, 1994

This week Ken welcomes fellow Boston Comedian Sam Jay to the show.

Ken and Sam discuss the difficulty in finding Ken's home, Catholic School, cloak rooms, embarrassing incidents, demonic possession, Beverly Hills 90210, being a gay teen, being on a watch list from the Boston Archdiocese and having that lead to moving to a suburban public school, strip clubs, Atlanta, Black Williamsburg, going to college in a shopping mall, family tragedies, stand up comedy, knowing what you want to be, having cable in your room, SNICK, classic Nickelodeon, COPS, They Live, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, escapism vs. identification, Fox as the "black thing", Hating "Hey Dude", when things aren't a race thing but a taste thing, America's Most Wanted as family viewing, Stark Trek, Sisters, Lusty Sela Ward, The Simpsons, Black Bart, Flea Market bootleg clothing, Downtown Boston's Corner Mall, The Real World, Puck, AIDS, letting kids drink wine, Hardball, Married...with Children, classic MTV, how Melrose Place makes Monday night the best night in Sam's week, made for TV movies, Murphy Brown, when a monkey guest stars, Wrestling and the Ultimate Warrior, ComicView, stand up on TV, Full House, The House Party series, Baby Faced White Boys, Home Improvement, Kids in the Hall, Grace Under Fire, John Larroquette, Tori Spelling's virginity, Ken's love of modeling, the conundrum of Beavis and Butthead, Martin, being a "hater", how Janet Jackson is the best Jackson, how Ken is mad about Mad About You, My So-Called Life, Dawsome's Creek, James at 15, gay TV, Living Single, the horror of "Soul Plane", the golden age of BET, The Friday film series, New York Undercover, Seinfeld, Family Matters, TGIF, Boy Meets World, The X-Files, and believing you've been abducted by aliens.