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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 6, 2023

November 3-9, 1973

This week Ken welcomes antiques expert, and fellow TV kid, The Antique Noman himself, George Higby to the show.

Ken and George discuss George's YouTube Channel, referencing the stuff on sets, moving around a lot as a kid, living in Cleveland when this TV Guide came out, Washington State, Raytheon TVs, looking for the thing that's the same, being a car and sports guy, Philco, Cigarettes, concept cars, trying to reverse engineer a color TV for free, shared experience, Emergency!, how weird it was that shows not for kids were merchandised to kids, All in the Family, M*A*S*H, topical TV, sad TV shows, the odd cultural moment of the early 1970s, Norman Lear, how the 1970s may have been more progressive, niches, The Committee Against the Public Authority of Maine, antiquing in New England, Time Tunnel, corded TV remotes, Newport Jazz Fest, Lucy, Get Smart! in Spanish, variety shows, Antiques: Make the Most out of Your Hobby with NOT George Michael, the early days of Antique collecting, nostalgia, The Girl Most Likely To, Joan Rivers, Night Gallery, failed pilots, TV preservation, Benny Hill, local edits of TV, Standard Oil, big business, why Debbie Reynolds was NOT allowed in George's house, early Don Johnson, Sandford and Son, trying to get your antiques and collectibles back after you already sold them, The Odd Couple, hating Room 222, passing up The Brady Bunch, buying the Brady House, Sonny and Cher with Douglas Fairbanks, dogs playing poker, Vincent Price, purpose made collectibles, and how Major Nelson's house from I Dream of Genie is George's dream house.