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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 25, 2023

July 7-13, 1973


By popular demand! He's BACK! This week Ken welcomes wrestler and fellow TV weirdo, RJ City.

Ken and RJ discuss RJ being disappointed with Ken's year end review endorsement of his last appearance, neurosis, people giving RJ TV Guides, RJ getting the wrong date for the recording and being excited, pop culture dog whistles, Dick Cavett, Mason Reese, "The Beige Age", the Caldor Brown Rainbow, Orson Wells, made up stories, when SCTV gets mean, Spielberg, local TV Guide variation, Children's cigarettes, great moments in television, how weird it is to have a glass of anything beside your bed, where did dentures go?, Dom DeLuise, sheet music, singing your own favorite songs, the mystery of the Ginger Bread House, wasting food, why Jaqueline Suzanne can go f*ck herself, how Twitter is today's TV Guide, video editing, Sabrina the Teenage Witch the cartoon, Scooby Doo's weird guest stars, Don Knotts and concrete, Rich Little, serious actors who shouldn't be, the final iteration of the Frankenstone family, Norman Fell, Curse II: The Bite, Paul Reubens, David Arquette's wrestling trunks, The Bone Yard, Phillis Diller's wigs, You Don't Know Jack, having two friends with F You Money when you don't have that, the Rock N Wrestling Saturday Morning Preview  Special, David Susskind show, Cyndi Lauper, being confused by women's measurements, Patty Duke, Hollywood Squares, Paul Lynde, how offensive mimes are as entertainment for the hard of hearing community, Deafula, Art Linkletter's cold shoulder, Del Moore, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, repossessing fame, Maude, Hawaii Five-O, creepy writers, Bobby Darrin, the worst version of a Beatles song ever by Sammy Davis Jr, Watergate, Mac Davis, hating Richard Dreyfuss, Sanford and Son, The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, when you can't recommend good stuff because it's offensive, Steve Harvey's flubs that aren't his fault, and a forgotten Robert Altman flick.