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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 18, 2023

January 23-29, 1993

This week Ken welcomes original Real World reality TV star, true story teller and country music man Jon Brennan to the show.

Ken and Jon discuss fancy studio equipment, The Real World LA, being 18, the origin of Road Rules, not going back and watching old video of yourself, calling Irene Mom, people in their 20s feeling like old people, the death of Andre the Giant, WWF, watching The Real World while you're ON the Real World, MTV removing your television, the origins of "true stor-ay", Jon's new single True Story, when WWF went R Rated, loving NWA wresting, Rick Flair, Sting, Dusty Roads, meeting celebrity fans of The Real World, Garth Brooks, The Miz, Will Smith, Amy Grant, when Christians go pop, men's jeans, Rescue 911, being on Celebrity Death Match, Beavis and Butthead, having your Celebrity Death Match puppet, The Hat Squad, mid season replacements, Parents Just Don't Understand, Chris Rock vs Will Smith, kids who don't know what life was like before smart phones, streaming, Napster, making it in a creative field, WCW, Austin City Limits, Michael Nesmith, Emmylou Harris, Eyewitness Video, the horror parents felt looking at Glam Metal bands, The Nashville Network, Nashville Now, Club Dance, The American Music Awards, Bobby Brown, Gloria Estefan, Wynonna Judd, Michael Bolton, trigger warnings, clothes that don't fit, XL vs XXL, skinny jeans, white people tailgating music, mandatory roller blades, college basketball, Unsolved Mysteries, Beverly Hills 90210, In The Heat of the Night, Hoosiers, Seinfeld, Stand by Me, small towns, Cheers, Ancient Aliens, Big Foot, Realty TV Sub genres, Family Matters, Shark Week, hating digital cable, wanting an old fashioned remote control experience, smart TVs, Junkyard Dog, Hulk Hogan Rock n Wrestling, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Cocaine and Anthrax, tiny celebrities, Planet Hollywood, literally running into Shaq, Elvis, Pancake Pantry, hot chicken, Dateline NBC, Law & Order, fast forwarding Monday Night Raw, and knowing the correct way to get freebies.