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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 11, 2023


July 7-13, 1979

This week Ken welcomes former adult actress, Howard Stern Show Hall of Famer, world's greatest Assistant movie theater manager and all around gem of a human Tabitha Stevens to the show.

Ken and Tabitha discuss end of the world heat waves, Death Valley, Las Vegas, moving from Long Island NY to Las Vegas as a teenager, dressing up to go into New York for culture, Barney Miller, having a great disdain of cigarettes, tanning booths, skin cancer, bleach, frosted tips, heavy Long Island accents, being scared of New Yorkers, being bullied, Vegas Showgirls, The Brady Bunch, having your fan mail accidentally send to Erin "Tabitha from Bewitched" Murphy, Tabitha Soren, The Rainbow Room, the Sunset Strip, pagers, booking everything yourself, having a work ethic,  why the adult business moves technology forward and will always be economy and technological innovation proof, having your bank account seized, Utah, owning and living in a historic hotel, bring art to the masses, art photography, the difficulty of owning a gallery, how expensive it is to live in Las Vegas, Judd Nelson, Lemmy, meeting new best friends, sometimes not being able to believe your own life, panic attacks, Xanex, being on the Howard Stern Show, using natural remedies, Sanitorium, making indie horror films, the state of prescription drugs, health care, how uncomfortably pervy The Love Boat is, horny Captain Stubing, Battlestar Gallactica, a dark reboot of the Brady Bunch, Charlie's Angels, looking like Farrah Fawcett, loving Wonder Woman, having action figures, Electra Woman and Dynagirl, Shazam and Isis, Ken's love of Tootie, The Facts of Life, Jacqueline Smith, The Boys, being contrarian, not watching things just because everyone else is, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Diff'rent Strokes, A Different World, Lisa Bonet, meeting Mike Tyson, working at movie theaters, being the world's greatest film splicer, sleeping in theaters and losing your finger nail in the popcorn.