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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 4, 2023


April 3-9, 2006

This week Ken welcomes musician, comedian and brains behind the new Off-Broadway Show "The Writing on the Stall" (playing NOW in NYC, every weekend in September) Caitlin Cook to the show.

Ken and Caitlin discuss Ken's rude dogs, surprising Ken, post 2000 media, Ken learning things, strict TV watching rules as a kid, being in love with what you can't have, being reference-less as a kid, being too old for Lizzie McGuire, growing up in Los Angeles, being the child of a choreographer, being acutely aware of pop culture in LA, going to the movies, pop music, tv themes, Caitlin's grandfather's invention of the Wah Pedal, Charmed, how some work is for the love and some is for the money, cute murder, SVU, Law and Order, pregnant Mariska Hargitey, Jeremy Piven's forgotten travel show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Punk'd, reality TV, America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks' house, living in the UK, UK remakes of US shows, US remakes of UK shows, getting a degree in Aquatic Archeology, comedy songs, doing open mics on a dare, going to college in Ohio, moving to Chicago, going to Oxford, having NYC in your heart, Friends, Sex in the City, "Ivana Younger Man", gross reality TV families, the early days of  streaming, Julian Sands, 24, South Park, writing for South Park, Ken's love of Wildfire, but not that show Wildfire, the other show, The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan, Claire Danes, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, writing female characters, Scrubs, Colin Hay, models doing improv, Veronica Mars, programming the same TV show multiple nights in the same week, Dead Like Me, discovering shows on DVD, weird childhood snacks, being an extra, bizarre feminine hygiene products, almost getting a huge tampon ad, No Reservations, Minority Report, futurism, The Gods Must be Crazy, non-actors on Inside the Actors Studio, movie versions of TV shows that never happened, plus sized actors who aren't actually plus sized, Ray Wise, bad jokes, Pamela Anderson, when Tommy Lee sell out, and all of a sudden getting snobby about The Surreal Life.