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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

November 16-22, 1985

This week Ken welcomes former NBC Page, game show royalty, and writer of the new memoir "My Peacock Tale", the great Shelley Herman.

Ken and Shelley discuss North Hollywood, Allee Willis, growing up in Calabasas, ideal childhoods, The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson's son, going to tapings of The Midnight Special, working at Sears, seeing Elvis in Vegas as a teenager, the unique role NBC Pages played, being mistaken as Erik Estrada's girlfriend, forced police uniform wearing, drunken celebrities, SNL, watching the East Coast feed, Gilda, the NY and LA TV production differences, The Not Ready for Prime Time Players, The Dating Game, chaperones, serial killers, Susan Elliot, stand up comedy, Off the Wall, replacing people in a syndicated package, reunions of shows nobody watched, sketch comedy, Mac and Jamie, voice over, The Colbys, movie stars on TV, meeting Charlton Heston, tall people, NBC tours, Vincent Price, Richard Pryor's variety show, putting attractive people up front, dealing with the sponsors, Ringo Star's ex wife, Saturdays on NBC, Golden Girls, Ed McMahon, 227, the greatest story ever about Jackee' Harry, being on The Love Boat, Dick Ebersol, taking Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca to the Emmys, Sally Rogers, Dick Van Dyke, meeting Hitchcock, Photoplay magazine, owning Shirley Temple's trousers, The Bad Seed, the evolution of women panelists on game shows, the structure of game shows, Dumbo, DUMBO!, Phoebe Cates, one of the top 5 greatest Kevin Kline stories, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Dick Clark's uniform, Eye Witness Video, We Are the World, Moonlighting, Heaven (High from) and Hell (town), Tello's Restaurant, Robert Blake, the mystery of Shadowchasers, Cheers, Regan's speech in the USSR, Made for TV movies, Bridge Across time starring David Hasselhoff and Stepfanie Kramer, taking a writing class from Rod Serling, and the secrets of Supermarket Sweep.