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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 7, 2023


May 9-15, 1992

This week Ken welcomes the host of the We Watch Wrestling Podcast, fellow New Englander, comedian Matt McCarthy to the show.

Ken and Matt discuss Matt's rabbit holes, GWF, Killer Kowalski, Freddie Prinz Jr, Cable Access, New England, Tony Rumble, Bob Mould, self abuse based public crimes, laserdiscs, classical music, yuppies, dead formats, VHS, Justin Case, VHS Cases, WSBK TV38, Marvin's collection, taped off TV with original commercials content, Monty Python, Dana Hersey, We Don't Knock, Silver Bullet, Dana Gould, Ask the Manager, Providence, Dialing for Dollars, Richard Simmons greatest photo ever, Meredith Viera, PM Magazine, Evening Magazine, The Golden Girls series finale, obsession with the Johnny Carson era of The Tonight Show, lost media, WCVB 5 not airing perfect strangers, taped with an antenna, SNL, Saturday Night's Main Event, The Bundys in London, The Goons, Evening at the Improv, rape revenge genres, The General's Daughter, exploitation, Ravishing Rick Rude, Brutus The Barber Beefcake's T station cocaine scare, One Crazy Summer, Savage Steve Holland,  how Dads love Frank Burns week, Chuck Norris, the fuzz, static, I Come in Peace, Dolph Lundgren, competitive eating, movie tag lines, Dirty Harry movies, A Different World, when characters are too dumb, Family Matters, Rosie and Buddy, failed pilots, wearing a wire, Duckman, getting renewed for two seasons, sore losers, and taking digs at FOX.