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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 31, 2023

June 20-26, 1987


This week's Matt is fellow North Shore kid, the man behind over 25k songs, filmmaker, podcaster, it's Motern Media's Matt Farley.

Ken and Matt discuss New England eccentric driven artists, the motivational power of spite, the power of novelty, putting in the work, using non-actors, making money as an artist, being a consumer, Strawberries, regional Mass record stores, Coconuts, how Lechmere curated your musical tastes, The Liberty Tree Mall, meeting Scott Baio, the power of mico-niche, Markie Post, Sledgehammer,  bad sports, The Red Sox, badnwagons, K-Mart Swimwear, Jello, cigarette ads, Dana Hersey's Movie Loft, Spenser for Hire, Karl's Sausage Kitchen, Golden Girls, celebrity kids, Scott Bakula as Batman, investments, renting movies, loving 80s horror flicks, Friday the 13th, Prom Night, horror comedy, Winterbeast, Neon Maniacs, athletes as actors, Brian Bosworth, Alf, rigging the Nielson Ratings, My Sister Sam, Newhart, Kate & Allie, the weird pseudo documentary format, multi cam sitcoms, roller skating, rug burn, Who's the Boss, Mannys, Sarah Douglas, having no shame, how TV Guide wrote show synopsis, movie reviews, Perfect Strangers, I Love Lucy, that frigging chocolate scenes, not finding the funniest TV moments of all time funny, Johnny Carson, Facts of Life, Stacey Q, shark jumping, hunting things down, testing board games, where the Maine Children are, Back to School, starting in the middle of a movie, The Hitcher, writing fan fiction about strangers in public, art reflecting the crimes, hindsight, The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Ellen, Billy Vera, Cheers, influence of Woody's The Kelly Song, Mr. Belvedere, laugh tracks, David Rasche, the faceless nature of the nameless '00s, Police Squad, Rambo, Beef Battles, and being proud of where you come from.