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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 3, 2023

February 23 - March 1, 1985

This week Ken welcomes UK writer (‘Sort Your Head Out - Mental Health Without All The Bollocks'), podcaster (Top Flight Time Machine, The Reset), broadcaster and all around fascinating guy Sam Delaney to the show.

Ken and Sam discuss living in London, the suburbs, New Cross, violent cities, how 1985 is EVERYTHING, being the editor of Heat Magazine, the editorial decisions behind what goes on the cover, watercolors, Live Aid, pop music, toys, Glen A. Larson, the history of TV Guide, TV/Radio Times, smoking, Christmas Cigarettes for children, the golden age of "Kids Gone Wild" media, Terrorism on TV, Posh Families, the TV Guide Empire, Kirstie Allie as Gloria Steinem as a Playboy Bunny, being completely confused and perplexed by the TV Guide listings, The Young Ones, US vs UK news, visiting NYC with your Dad, how low it took for the UK to get movies from the US, Christmas movie premiers,  James Bond, teenage mini bar raids of beer, how everyone in America seemed rich, ET, the mind blowing concept of pizza delivery, The Damned, boredom, recovering from addiction, The A-Team, how prime time action shows in the US were for children in the UK. 70s UK sci-fi shows, Day of the Triffids, Tripods, The Day After vs. Threads, reassessing Reagan, the horrors of Thatcher, TJ Hooker, Starsky and Hutch, Kojak, sleazy cops, grim 70s cinema, the delusional positivity of 1980s pop culture, time investment, how amazing Sesame St is and was, how TV can help kids, Jim Henson, The Atomic Testing Museum, having a near death experience, Rockford Files, Dukes of Hazard, war games, being judged by your parents, low culture vs high culture, 60s movies in the 80s, how class effects how you view commercials, loving Harold Lloyd, and how TV was the center of the family.