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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 12, 2023

April 20-26, 1985

This week Ken welcomes host of Arne Pod ( and purveyor of the fun TikTok account @arnepod, Chris Arneson. 

Ken and Chris discuss what we did at the start of the pandemic, Chris' birthday, being born in 1993, why 1985 is one of Ken and Chris' favorite years, Back to the Future, podcasting, Manhunter, Evil Dead, horror flicks, horror comedy, John Hughes, celebrity vibes, Rob Lowe, background acting, John Candy's death, The Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck, Deborah Shelton, tobacco pouches, "dippin", cigarettes, mouth cancer, mixing facts with fiction, docudrama, the truth vs the legend,  baseball, why Stone Cold may be the greatest action movie of all time, The Seattle Seahawks, Charles in Charge, Mr. Mom, E/R vs ER, on set deaths, Cover Up, Faces of Death, monkey brains, Cheap Seats, baseball mustaches, BASEKetball, ESPN2, TVs Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Skabba the Hut, After School Specials, Whale Watches, Mid-Season Replacements, Hail to the Chief, a woman president!?, Double Dare with Billy Dee Williams, when Dennis Eckersley called Ken a "little dick", Product Unbecoming, Sunset Limousine, John Ritter, the lotto, Roller Derby, Rollerball, Rock n Roller Games, seeing a bear in your back yard, NH Pet stores, selling gators, parrots, the time Ken got slapped because he was blamed for a parrot's wolf whistle, Strawberry Shortcake ripoff Rose Petal Place, world's best coaches, Pat Riley, Tommy Lasorta, ice bucket motivation, Lifetime's Hot Properties, Merv, NBA Playoffs, warnings of right wing media takeovers, Stinky Pete and nicknames.