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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 5, 2023

July 30 - August 5, 1994

This week Ken welcomes actor (Succession, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Rubicon) and all around fascinating human Natalie Gold to the show for her first ever podcast.

Ken and Natalie discuss YouTuber Natalie Gold, having the same name as somebody else, social media, how Miami isn't Florida, growing up in Florida, Emerson College, Burn Notice, being a local child actor, Sheena Easton, rave theater, running lines with Jeff Goldblum, Ernest Saves Christmas, showing your children media, Christmas Vacation, shared interest friends, getting obsessed with Soaps, how OJ Simpson ruined so many things, Days of our Lives, turning into a panther, demonic possession, manning the complaint line, moving to NYC, sharing an apartment with more than five boys, getting mail, Short Circuit II, The Fame Movie, scary NYC, smoking, tobacco cigarettes, pregnancy cravings, Tom and Roseanne, the greatness of Denny Dillon, Friends,  being so wealthy you can get a University to open a west coast location JUST for you, Kevin Bright, Kristen Linklater, voice teachers, oversharing in acting classes, Shakespeare in the Park, covering your face, the magic of Dennis Farina, Rubicon, watching things you're in, Law & Order, buying anti-reels, Tommy Lee Jones comedy, The Fugitive, Chicago, apocalypses movies, avoiding The Road, making a book's ending darker, Mad Max, The Walking Dead, Love Boat, Hotel Malibu, J-Lo's TV career, Teen Witch, Branson, your kid having zero interest in your job, avoiding quality TV, Mad Men, Ken's contrarian nature, binging, having no patience, watching Eraserhead in Physics class, Ken getting good grades despite failing, Cookie Puss and topping that.