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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 27, 2023

June 19-25, 1982

This week Ken welcomes author (buy his new Hilo book!), Real Worlder, and kindred spirit Judd Winick to the show. 

Ken and Judd discuss Judd's fantastically cluttered office, their children's world, St. Elsewhere, death on TV, Brendon Tartikoff, how the A-Team could spin off from Hill Street Blues, Misfits of Science, comic books, the dessert of comic book properties in TV and movies when we were growing up, growing up as a New Yorker, Long Island, getting mugged, weird red eyes, shirtless TV, kids who smoke, big Tabacco, Judd's wife Pam, mobsters, The Mile High collection, Filmmation, Isis, Space Academy, Kids Super Power Hour, Mission Magic, One of the Boys, Mickey Rooney, Bill, Fantasy Island, Red Buttons: Super Hero, living in Boston, Robert Urich, Archie Bunker's Place, Stacey Keach in Wait Until Dark, odd Cruisin' inspired acting choices, Long Dry Season, George Peppard's directing career, Trapper John MD, Hilo, Encyclopedia sets, Continental Divide, Blair Brown, Altered States, Bob Balaban, WKRP, forgetting Gordon Jump's character's name, M*A*S*H, being team BJ, loving Alan Alda, anti-war media, Twin Peaks, Quincy ME, the magic of visiting Henson Productions, Bad Robot's Typewriter store, Happy Days, Three's Company, Welcome Back Kotter, Andy Griffith, John Ritter's Balls, Real People, That's Incredible!, haunted Toys R Us, asian characters on TV, how modern procedurals are sci-fi, how MASSIVE Fame was in Israel, Gimme a Break, how amazing Lara Jill Miller is, the incredible talent of voice over actors, the failure of Giant Salmon pictures, Beverly Hills Buntz, screwing on TV, Sweeney Todd's coffee shop, haunted security systems, rock star architects, Blade Runner, Benson, Pokerface, Saturday the 14th, performing Blow Out as a one man show, old ice, Phil Lamar's Mr. T stories and Pinky in Body Double.