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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 6, 2023

TV Guide CANADA June 3-9, 1978 Edmonton-N.Alberta Edition

This week Ken welcomes actor and proud Canadian Samantha Ferris (Supernatural, The 4400).

Ken and Samantha discuss who Ken has never been Canada, Vancouver's production community, Hollywood North, CBC, The Beachcombers, 21 Jump St., Wiseguy, X-Files, why Sci-Fi films in Canada, starting as a weather girl, Rainy Janey, being a talk radio host, rock jocks, Danny Bonaduce, how everyone thinks Sam is a guy, becoming an actor later in life, getting "tits in a suit" jobs, reporter roles, Along Came a Spider, Monica Potter, not getting the mom roles, embracing getting the strong women roles, laugh track sitcoms, loving Happy Days, Fish, Barney Miller, Three's Company, Good Times, The Jeffersons, The Partridge Family, M*A*S*H being your comfort food, MeTV, meeting Jaime Farr and Loretta Swit, meeting your heroes, not meeting your heroes, working Conventions, embarrassing moments, how great Cassandra Peterson is, not having access to celebrities, talk shows, seeing your heroes age, how bad it was when people didn't get royalties, Jimmy "JJ" Walker, Don Most, doing video game voices, Borderlands, motion cap, PONG, Supernatural superfans, looking voluptious on camera, not being able to watch yourself in things, Beggers and Choosers, sex scenes with Jim Belushi, Cindy Williams, Gabe Kaplan, Corbin Bernsen being very into himself, actors badly behaved, crapping on a dress literally, child actors, Curtis Armstrong being the greatest, Jim Beaver as the nicest man alive, showing up and knowing your lines, never piss off the people who are supposed to make you look good, directing advice, actors who are odd but might be assholes, only remembering the bad, and the absolute greatness of Chris Isaak.