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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

February 5-11, 2000

This week Ken welcomes writer, TV host and all around personality Frank DeCaro to the show.

Ken and Frank discuss The Daily Show, Frank's SIriusXM radio show, writing a NYTimes column, The Mary and Rhoda reunion movie, being late for a meeting with Mary and Rhoda, how actors shouldn't always be the writers of what they act in, being good at being single, nostalgia trips, meeting Valerie, Ken and the WBZ Time Capsule, TV Guide with grandma, Dark Shadows, the 4:30 Movie, Saturday Morning Preview Shows, pilots, the golden age of TV, how we're not in the golden age of TV maybe, Ziggy Flargowitz, how nothing prevented is new, E! True Hollywood Stories, A&E Biography, how living in LA can ruin things, why we no longer need talk shows, disliking Johnny Carson, The Lawrence Welk Show, growing up and with The Sopranos, Ted Danson's quality control, Julie Louie Dreyfus being our Lucy, George C. Scott Patton dolls, World's Most Anti-Social Acts, how all commercials are sexualized now, World's Sexiest Commercials, stirring things with yourself, the changing face of BO, from soup to subs, George Reeves, The Truth Behind Sitcom Scandals, Love Boat, Barry Bostwick, Cougartown, Spin City, Friends, Jesse, whatever the hell Stark Raving Mad is, hating competition shows, aside from RuPaul's Drag Race, variety shows, how being gross should at least be funny, why people on the radio don't also need to be gorgeous, the lack of raconteurs in today's Entertainment world, how having so many fewer outlets made careers, Charles Nelson Riley, George Schlatter, the lack of blooper reels, Laugh-In, and the Disco Devil in Frank's new book about Disco.