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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 26, 2022

February 7-13, 1987

This week Ken welcomes listener and author of the new, must buy, book "Flick Attack", Rod Lott.

Ken and Rod discuss Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, completing your life long dreams, John Brennan from the Real World, cowboys, hating most people, Near Dark, Lance Hendrickson, the importance of video stores, loving Ann-Margaret, mid season replacement season, grandparents putting back issues of TV Guide aside for you, the movie listings, feeling like you're in the future, Blade Runner, growing up in Central Time, the final season of The Facts of Life, Fall Preview, The Playboy Channel, Saturday Morning Cartoons, "Larry" Fishburne,  Bruce Willis' The Return of Bruno, Easy Street, Partners in Crime, Loni Anderson, Lynda Carter, Nothing is Easy the show formerly known as Together We Stand, Elliot Gould, reboots, Commander USA, Kate & Allie, My Sister Sam, the first live episode of SNL Ken ever saw, Pee Wee Herman, Drew Barrymore hosting SNL, Frontier Gynecologists, Vampire's Kiss, After Hours, how Motorama is basically The Wizard, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Len Sella's Silly Cinemas, Stillwatch, CBS Made For-TV movies, loving Charles Rocket, Not Necessarily The News, Carol Burnett, Perfect Strangers, Head of the Class, Gimme a Break, Family  Ties, Michael J Fox, Cheers, Friday Night Videos, The Paper Chase, CBN, The 700 Club, following up on 60 Minutes subjects, watching TV while eating dinner, and the mystery of George Cooker's The Corn is Green.