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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 28, 2015

July 7-13, 1990

This week Ken welcomes author, comedian and NPR Radio host extraordinaire Ophira Eisenberg (The Moth, Ask Me Another). 

Ken and Ophira discuss warm television memories, Canada, Australia, small pop cultural differences, a youth without MTV, YTV, Buckshot, King of Kensington, Mr. Dress Up, Neighbours, Dogs in Space, INXS, Calgary, Facts of Life's Pippa, The Best and the Worst of 1989/1990, Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer's Diary, future generations lack of shared experience outside of tragedies, Moonlighting, Bones, why every single show doesn't need an arc, police procedures as pure science fiction, The US Health Care System, suspicion, accents being made up for comedic effect, Nickelodeon, foreigners confusion of US geography, Soap Opera Guides as a prehistoric internet, the basement as home of "the good TV", sibling TV rivalries, Star Trek, the love of action, Honey West, Curse of the Gold Monkey, keeping Bruce Campbell's secrets, 80s fears, Saturday Night Potentials, The Buddy Holly Story, Archeology, The Sudan, classic Discovery Channel, Jason Bourne: The TV Series, how we've solved the environmental issues of the 80s (by not solving them), Women in Politics, the pain of Monday Nights, school picture day horrors, MacGuyver, Murphy Brown and her effect on US Politics, WKRP in Cincinatti, Loni Anderson, Roseanne, Reading on TV, Poor Little Rich Girls, Nova, Wonderlands turning into wastelands, wanting to be the mice in Cinderella,  couch cushion forts, secret passageways, found art, Prime Time Primates, prime time Cartoons, Charlie Brown, Night Court, the education of dating older guys, Cosby Show, JAWS, Canadian Tire, Cheers, Bebe Neuwirth, 80s Glam, mindless Family Feuds, Newhart, how animals are people too, Tales from the Crypt, censorship rules, sneaking sleepover softcore pornography, and letting the pilot fire burn itself off.