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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 29, 2022

July 18-25, 1992

This week Ken welcomes old comedy friend, writer, and comedian Benari Poulten to the show. 

Ken and Benari discuss ESPN Fantasy Football, pneumatic tubes, transcripts, Garbage Time, owning TV Guide, Todd McFarlane's Mary Jane being Cindy Crawford, TV's Top Turn Ons, The Rt 3 Cinema in Chelmsford MA, sneaking into movies, how hard research materials used to be to find, Batman trivia, naming all the Catwomen, William Shatner, Adam West, UK citizens being injured by televisions, Mad TV, George HW Bush not knowing how much things cost, Saturday Morning Cartoons, The Hanna Barbera Fantastic Four, Point Break, Miss America, Doctor Who bootlegs, Fox's Summer Seasons, spoiler scoops, Mad Men, MTV's 120 Minutes, the Fleischer Superman cartoons, Monkeys on the Edge, Moving Violations, The Flash, Voices That Care, School Ties, looping after your voice changes, perfect pilots, Home Improvement, Hess Gas Stations, how bizarre the Silent Night Deadly Night series gets, Public Enemy and the Eagles, broadcasting, Studs, STUDS!, Melrose Place, Wonder Years, Growing Pains, Seinfeld, Who's the Boss, Quantum Leap, Dream On, Tales from the Crypt, Different World, The Cosby Show, Jasmine Guy, Young Riders, You Guns 2, life long catch phrases, John Pinette, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Momlettes, Swamp Thing, Superboy, Universal Studios Florida, Sherman Howard, Lex Luthor, and how fantastic "Down the Shore" was.