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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 20, 2022

January 15-21, 1994

This week Ken welcomes Try Channel All-Star and all around fine Irish humor machine Damon Blake to the show.

Ken and Damon discuss Ken and Damon's terrorization by Ed Sheeran, moving around a lot, whatever the Hell the deal is with Boston, living in Texas, how nobody in Ireland actually wears crosses, how social media is like homework, not watching your friends Social Media, how Ken is a fraud, being the Mind Hunter of Heterosexuality, FTD playing Dr with a Cock mug, Avery Brooks, Star Trek, being sponsored by Vaseline, Ken's punk rock days, getting in fights with neo-Nazis, Japanese shows, Documental, the kung fu of comedy, Bruce Campbell, Briscoe County Jr, Jack of All Trades, having a stack of things to watch, TekWar, the nature of fame today, sex cults, misdirection, Patrick Stewart's Days of Future Past PRE-X-MEN, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Tom Arnold, the Tom vs Roseanne public battles, The "Who's Jackie?" story, Joss Whedon, Comic Relief (USA), the aversion to violence young people have, how right wingers are not funny, awful audiences, Baywatch, The George Carlin Show, being in debt to mobsters, VR Ken Reid, Sam Raimi, staying up all night, Late Night talk shows, Spock, Irish TV, The John Laroquette Show, Dan Harmon, State Run TV, Irish people doing impressions of other Irish people, Bonecrushers, Voyager, Ken's New England Patriots connection to Putin, how all shows should end either in a time loop or a snow globe, Dellamorte Dellamore (aka Cemetery Man), Rescue 911, severe burns, the Fraiser 9-11 conspiracy, Rolling Thunder, Tommy Lee Jones, Grace Under Fire, Sex Killers using Sex as a Weapon, The X-Files, Irish guilt, Rawhead Rex, use of the word "suck" on TV, Ken's mother's favorite swear, sending the podcast into space, Shatz PA, and getting a dick cut off.