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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 14, 2015

June 20-26, 1992

This week Ken welcomes writer/podcaster/blogger and occasional actress Tess Lynch.

Ken and Tess discuss the beauty of borrowed temporary housing on the dark side of the Hollywood sign, clam dunks from Boston, a 9-year-olds hate fueled rage towards their parents' bedtime rules, the Glory of 90210, The Flash, TV's Man of the Year Ross Perot, "Popcorn Chicken", making up parenting as you go along, Sinbad's reading classes, Rancid ruining your children's programming, Soaps, Passions, cloning TGIF, Who's the Boss, who cares?, horny old ladies, being serious when it comes to law enforcement, the anxiety of flipping, picture-in-picture, taking advantage of teenagers inherent love of eavesdropping to teach foreign languages, House of Style, Todd Oldham date night, On the Air, hateful In Living Color, Hi Honey! I'm Home, the seasonal inappropriateness of Edward Scissorhands, John Waters, Hairspray covered Pink Flamingos, John Stamos' Dreams, the inherent hilarity of mediocre actors re-enacting 9-1-1 calls, coming to Full House by following the leads pre-Full House careers, being fine with JTT but hating Home Improvement, Green Acres, maturing into Nick at Nite, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, New Englander's affinity for Stephen King, Wonder Years, not buying Doogie Howser, shows where everyone is a bad person, the terror of people just walking into your house, God Blessing your Neighbor's Underwear, Howie Mandel's long career, That's My Dog, Demi Moore's music career, Cheers, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson's "The Michaels" years, America's Most Wanted, the end of Dinosaurs, Ken's hatred of post-Henson Muppets, seeing people who look like Gelflings, and loving Swamp Thing.