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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

December 15-21, 1984

Ken and Justin discuss his nerves, the Catskills, Yarnel Nicholas, tape trading, worth ethic, TellyHell, before the pandemic, working from home, commuting by bus to NYC, watching Netflix on your tablet during a commute, Apple TV, Big Mouth, the best made for TV swear replacements, Mellon Farmers, The Sopranos on A&E, Mr. Show, working in radio, CW/WB, Channel 11, WPIX, Channel 9, the loss of indie TV stations, how ratings have changed, the insane people who work in radio, The Ten Most Beautiful Women in Television, Dallas, Morgan Fairchild, The Muppets, Mike Hammer, men out of time, George Bush vs. The Simpsons, remembering the year you were born, Mr. T and Emmanuel Lewis the Christmas Dream, The Equalizer, A Christmas Carol, the original Lifetime "Television for Women" concept, when pop becomes oldies, A&E, Remember WENN, 1984, sad Christmas, Three's a Crowd, Perfect Strangers, slapstick and physical comedy, being against reboots, E.R vs ER, The Organic Theater Group, Re-Animator, Magnum PI, NBC's new line up, Battle of the Network Stars, Benson, It's a Wonderful Life, V: The Series, The Man with Two Brains, series finales, revisiting Dallas, tying up loose ends, how nostalgia can taint a show, and what premium cable channels are what fast food restaurants.