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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

This week Ken welcomes old friend and current host of the Nodcast, "White trash" Rob Lind (Blood for Blood, Ramallah, Sinners & Saints) to the show.

Ken and Rob discuss how long it has been since they've been able to sit down and chat, getting sober, needing to anesthetize yourself to deal with 90% of the people you used to deal with, Rob's memory of Ken's "Dilemma", Nebraska, the regional variations of TV Guide, WWF/WWE, if certain businessmen have ever murdered anyone, Harlan Ellison, The Gods Hate, boxing, the mafia, Gorgeous George, Brando, Muhammad Ali, Valerie Bertinelli, Van Halen, MTV's Lost Weekend with Van Halen, One Day at a Time, Mackenzie Phillips, David Lee Roth, Mike Tyson, Hurricane Peter McNeeley, V, Amerika, The Incredible Hulk, The Day After, Threads, Discharge, When the Wind Blows, David Bowie, Mutually Assured Destruction, Romero vs. Argento, Dawn of the Dead, The The, the wish fulfillment of apocalypses/zombie media in the 21st Century, The Twilight Zone, how the Lucky People die first, The Business, Ministry, Richard Chamberlain, Cassanova, The Thornebirds, being mid-century old, Shogun, Night Court's syndication history, Golden Girls, Hunter, Fred Dryer, sleaze, murder for hire, sickos, Robert Cray, SNL, George C. Scott and Don Amechie in Pals, Death Wish, Charles Bronson, Never Cry Wolf, Hong Kong stunts, martial arts, Hong Kong Opera, Spahn Ranch, Charles Manson getting slapped around by shorty, stunt guys, Jet Li, The One, Dungeons and Dragons, Donnie Yen, and previews of part 2.