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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 6, 2021

8 Years and 500 (+) Episodes!

In celebration we have a big announcement! We have a new theme song. Retiring "Television Addict" by the Hoodoo Gurus/The Victims, and replacing it with a song written and recorded JUST for the show by the great Josh Caterer (Smoking Popes), TV Guidance Counselor!

Josh also has a new single out for the a Holidays, a great version of White Christmas.

Also! Ken did his first face to face interviews since March 2020, and his first convention since November 2019.

Here are two of the interviews from that con, NorthEast Comic Con.

First up is Francois Clemmons who played Officer Clemmons on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Ken and Francois discuss how he became Officer Clemmons on the show, his trepidation about wearing a police uniform in 1969, being a helper, being a TV pioneer, the life philosophy of Fred Rogers, the importance of listening, not being Hollywood, how slow Fred was (in a good way), Won't You Be My Neighbor, why Tom Hanks was wrong in Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Spirituals, the benefit of recording in Pittsburgh, singing Opera, finding your light, integrated pools, being a teacher, and the Land of Make Believe Puppets.

Next Ken talks to writer, actor, comedian Robert Wuhl. Ken and Robert discuss writing for Police Squad, auditioning for airplane, how quickly Police Squad was canceled, writing for Rodney Dangerfield, Leslie Neilson's fart machine, wanting to work with good people, The Hollywood Knights, why Tonight Show jokes from the 80s wouldn't fly today, Mary Lambert casing him in Madonna's Material Girl video, having one line in Flashdance, wanting your work to be seen, writing for the Oscars, auditioning for Barry Levinson, Casablanca Pictures, Bull Durham, Batman '89, table reads with Sean Young, how Michele Pfeifer was cast and fired from Batman '89, how Kim Basinger became "The Creature" and had the most leverage in Batman, how the worst audition ever still got Robert a job, Good Morning Vietnam, how John Glover was the original joker in Batman '89, how Warner Bros wanted to go full Batman '66 camp and cast Chevy Chase or Bill Murray as Batman, shooting in London at Pinewood Studios, how a trip to see Phantom of the Opera lead to Jack Nicholson having the entire ending of Batman changed, Robert's cameo on Supergirl, how hard it is to keep spoilers under wraps these days, rating all the Batman films, the band The New Bomb Turks, loving movies that are fun, the best Baseball movie ever, Robert's problems with Field of Dreams and the Natural, and the future of "Assume the Position".