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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 31, 2014

September 17-23, 1983

This week Ken welcomes actor/comedian Christian Finnegan.

Ken and Christian discuss 80s Boston comedians, Steve Sweeney being more famous than Louie CK, The Revolutionary War area of Massachusetts, laser light shows, Ken's TV Week/Toaster Oven theory is tested yet again, dead siblings, Battlestar Galactica vs. Buck Rogers, the love of the glowing box, local Boston news casters, Mission of Burma, divorced Dad horny, the offensive nature of the spelling of Diff'rent Strokes, Orson Welles' study of upside down African trees, Love Boot, Fall Preview specials, the big reveal of the new shows, actors finding excuses to sing, Silver Spoons, Jason Bateman, Corky Pigeon, being directed by Alfonso Ribeiro, Are We There Yet?, doing the Carlton when nobody wants to see it,  Cindy Williams being your mother, pretending to have sex with Jackee', incredible racists, kissing Paulina Porizkova, being threatened by Rick Ocasek, how acting is the opposite of stand up comedy, The Road Warrior, the more depressing Day After, learning about Leatherman culture, plausible gay deniability, shoved in lyrics in cinematic title songs, the golden age of Bloopers, being a good parent on paper, 80s inappropriate, Kenny Rogers, cruel childhood insults, Lionel Richie's Vanity, Poltergeist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, TV as dangerous home invader,  Kevin Dillon's finest work, The Best of Everything, Hot Air Balloons over the Special Olympics. That's Incredible, Leonard Nimoy's one ear, Dirk Benedict, made for TV movies, the original three Network's deep pockets, the rise of FOX, how one shoe makes it murder, Real People, Facts of Life season premiers, Gimme a Break, Telma Hopkins, Automatically learning that a man was a woman, Mama's Family, SNL weekly sitcoms, struggling with TV Guide vocabulary, We Got it Made, literally talking people off a ledge, Cheers, being ashamed of Boston, the laziness of interchangeable writing, the two Bostons, The Duke Boys, being your own radio DJ, Ziggy Marley, Blazing Saddles, and asking TV Guide.