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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

This week Ken welcomes comedian, haver on impeccable musical taste, travel writer, and UK Television personality Dom Joly.

Ken and Dom discuss The Cotswolds, 1990, 70s TV, growing up in Lebanon, French and Arabic subtitles, Benny Hill, Eight is Enough, visa schemes, Dom' Joly's Excellent Adventure, Happy Hour, The Hezbollah Hiking Club, scripted reality shows, 90 Day Fiance, Below Deck, ad libbing, showcasing beautiful places, being arrested in Syria, Mr. Bean, going to school with Osama Bin Laden, sweeps week, assassinations, JFK, Elvis, Racquet Ball, getting never told no, Alice Cooper fighting Elvis with a gun, the greatness of The Sound and Adrian Borland, how The Sound is Ken and Dom's band, Twitch channels, stumbling upon things, The Young Ones, Mad Men is a show about assholes, COPS, Imperialism, Empire building, WWII, The World at War, Hiroshima, chaos, the random nature of living, conspiracy theories, America's Most Wanted, bad recreations, The Death of the Incredible Hulk, Alien Nation, The Wonder Years, Vietnam, "Better Red than Dead Week", The Woman in Red, Moonlighting, Trigger Happy TV, living next door to Miss Moneypenny, Night Life, and why Heathers is the greatest film of the 1980s.