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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 3, 2021

October 5-11, 1991

This week to celebrate 450 Episodes of TV Guidance Counselor Ken welcomes the amazing Tyler Spencer aka Dick Valentine of the Electric Six.

Ken and Tyler discuss adapting to the pandemic, investing in Zoom, humor tests for Ken, 1991, how the 80s went into the 1990s, Sharon Gless, being a late bloomer, starting University, being a drummer, realizing the front man gets to fire people, firing people, Jazz Dracula, The Best and Worst Dressed, how Ann Magnuson is the coolest person ever, Bongwater, Blair Underwood vs. Andy Griffith, Designing Women, artisanal craft tobacco, The Franklin Mint, writing letters to TV Guide, Northern Exposure, being burned by Twin Peaks, being hunted down by Barry Manilow, being very funny, going to college with the Sklar Brothers, OCD, being obsessive, having to talk between songs, Elvis adding tax, being into Hockey, growing up in Detroit, Edmonton, The Wailers, local fame, Gordy Howe, David Bowie and Wayne Gretzky, the miracle of Tony Danza, riding Barbra Mandrel to get to Mr. Ed, Pump Up The Volume, Football, why being half asleep and surprised is the best time to watch the Superbowl, being a UK Football celebrity, Gay Bar, Top of the Pops, Danger Danger High Voltage, Baby Spice, going Downtown, I Come in Peace, action flicks, loving Annie Potts, Corvette Summer, going initial, C. Everett Coop, seing Ghost over and over, Rescue 911, bad re-enactments, Unsolved Mysteries, The Day After, being desensitized, Mork and Mindy, Freaks and Geeks, going to see The Nude Bomb, Get Smart!, gambling problems, athletes guest starring on television shows, Magnum P.I., writing songs alone at Clippers games, Club MTV, She's Out of Control, Hunter, Fire Walk with Me, why Grand Canyon is the worst movie ever, thirtysomething, editing out the stutter from A Fish Called Wanda, cleaning up movies for TV, and Geraldo Rivera's filthy dirty sex life.