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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 25, 2021

December 6-12, 1986

This week Ken welcomes comedian Kyle Kinane to the show.

Ken and Kyle discuss Zoom backgrounds, homeless wi-fi, Top Secret, revisiting your childhood comedy favorites, Back to the Beach, Malibu, Pajama Parties, dumber Fonzie, turning down bad comedy, getting into an argument with Skippy, Chicago, Chem trails, Ken's wasted potential, Delta Burke, Brundlefly, scratch tickets, buying booze and cigarettes for your family when you are a toddler, forgotten female comics, the greatest of Elayne Boosler, Night Court, John Goodman, how a supporting cast saves a stand up, Hardbodies II, horny accountants, writing closed captions, messing with people, doing a little "mix and match", plastic surgery, Jackee, 227, Golden Girls, giving people whatever, variety shows, gross Kraft dinners, made up sex things, TV trying to get you to read, homework, HBO, Amazing Stories, Monsters, WGN, Svenghoulie, Lifetime Lifestyles, Raising Arizona, Martians Go Home, Playboy Stand Up, Newhart, Moving Violations, Police Academy, Michael Winslow, Cousin Larry Appleton = Larry David, Cousin Balki = Borat, Gimme a Break, Dolph Sweet, The Lawrence Brothers, Diff'rent Strokes, Cobra Kai, the wonder of Billy Zabka, Cheers, what to do with your wallet, eating at Norm's, rebuilding NBC, having a Christmas birthday, Royal Dano, knowing how the game works, Odd Job, Crime Story, Chicago's best actor, The Murray Brothers, Cusack, Black Velvet Flag, and the wonders of teenage punk rock.