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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 9, 2020

September 7-11, 1987

Today Ken welcomes long time friend, fellow depression sufferer, fellow Bostonian, and comedic hero Gary Gulman to the show.

Ken and Gary discuss Rhoda, bedtimes, writing books, not having children, Jewish women, Valerie Harper, Mary Tyler Moore, being replaced with Sandy Duncan, AIDS, Dungeons and Dragons, Frank Welker, renting a movie, Charles Kuralt, the soothing nature of TV News Anchors, 60 Minutes, Married...with Children, This Old House, driving around, parent jokes, nice parts of town, It's Your Move, Kate & Allie, Newhart, how great Julia Duffy is, The Great Depresh, revolting Swiss Colony, The A-Bomb, Max Headroom, Moonlighting, being not cool, hating things that are popular, always knowing you'll be a writer, After School Specials, being too empathetic, crying, Chris Elliot as Rags Maloney on the Equalizer, how laughter is our only weapon, Bill Boyers, how great Adam Resnick is, YO! MTV Raps, Highway to Heaven, Saturday Morning Preview specials, sports, and the wonder of The Boondocks.