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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 11, 2020

April 24-30, 1971

This week Ken welcomes writer/comedian and author of the excellent new memoir "My Dirty Life in Comedy", Lois Bromfield.

Ken and Lois discuss German, how in Europe "American" is the Children's menu, growing up in Toronto, getting the crap kicked out of you (emotionally) in NYC, the greatest of L.A., appearing on the Dick Clark show with Oingo Boingo and Joan Jett, free therapy, British Sitcoms, the oxymoron that IS German Sitcoms, Bonanza, Lorne Greene, writing checks in the 19th Century, SCTV, Westerns, Masterpiece Theater, The Muppets, the mystery of all your siblings going into comedy, The Honeymooners, working with drunks, Grace Under Fire, working with Brett Butler, Roseanne, the great insanity of working on Roseanne, asking "Who's Jackie?", The Jackie Thomas Show, getting good breaks, pitching stories, cigarette ads, celebrity bowling, 1971 women's hair care products, wanting to be or be with, black characters on Westerns, Mary Tyler Moore, the studio where it was all shot, being a part of television history, doing stand up in London, The Comedy Store, Michael Nesmith's Television Parts, becoming a gay icon, Ed Sullivan, not knowing how much things cost, layaway and expense accounts secretly being introduced on sitcoms, Things you Must Do Before You Die, worrying/not worrying about it, the threat of watching The News, The Mod Squad, how Bell Bottoms might save the environment, Fox TV, Patty Duke, hating Southern Shows, Green Acres, The Beverly Hilbillies, Golden Girls, broadcasting, narrowcasting, Norman Lear, The Mike Douglas Show, and being the wind beneath Pierce Brosnan's Wings.