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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 1, 2020

In this BONUS! episode Ken welcomes former private eye, current Dog Rescue super hero and daughter of the late, great James Garner, Gigi Garner.

Ken and Gigi discuss LA vs Boston, living all over the world, being a licensed P.I. in Tennessee, living in the U.K., putting out records, writing three #1 Christian songs, having no acting talent, The Rockford Files, having to drive your Dad's work car to High School, not feeling like a Hollywood kid, getting a late start acting, James Garner's purple hearts, always being able to revisit your relative who's passed, David Cassidy, loving the Partridge Family, continuing her Dad's Legacy, the James Garner Animal Rescue Fund (, kill shelters, how trying to quit smoking led to having a dog, product endorsements, Mazda, Polaroid, having a natural charm, running a talent management company, The Americanization of Emily, Awards nominations, Murphy's Romance, keeping treasures from a life well lived, Grand Prix, The Cinerama Dome, being good at golf, The Notebook, voice over, and being Steve McQueen's neighbor.