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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

October 11-17, 1975

This week Ken welcomes writer, drummer, actor and all around great guy Frank Whaley to the show.

Ken and Frank discuss Ken's mispronunciation, upstate New York, being "Evicted Boy" in Spenser for Hire, being 24 and pretending you are 16, being dirt poor, getting commercials, The Freshman, getting to act with the best actors, Marlon Brando, Burt Lancaster, Field of Dreams, After School Specials, James Earl Jones, how Little Monsters put Born on the 4th of July in jeopardy, gambling on baseball, bookies, bowling, Cornhole on TV, being a punk kid, making rednecks angry, garbage bags full of drums, sleeping on an ottoman in a sublet, the dangers of New York, trying to self sabotage, luck, The Jimmy Show, stand up comedy, doing improv in Career Opportunities, John Candy, having Burt Reynolds rub your inner thigh, making out with Ann-Margaret, loving disco, Soul Train, The Midnight Special, planning private time, loving Cher, The Bay City Roller, variety shows, loving all the women of Mary Tyler Moore, The Last Picture Show, not being Frank Gorshin, Good Times, having a crush on Mr. Kotter's wife, lifetime achievement awards, not being able to watch yourself any more. Luke Cage, Ironsides, Columbo, defective detectives, great theme songs, Barretta, Mannix, throwing your slipper at a TV, being shocked by Kojack on an ill advised family vacation, Chico and the Man, Andy Kaufman breaking character, Ray Donovan and how Jon Voight is the world's biggest asshole.