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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 24, 2020

January 13-19, 1968

This week Ken welcomes the incredible English writer, comedian and all around amazing human Jo Brand to the show.

Ken and Jo discuss the good that has come out of a Global pandemic, how incredibly shocking 1968 seems looking at it from 2020, USSR representations of the USA, Ken's deprogramming, Housewife Dracula, how to say "take the piss" in America, Female stand up comedians, the UK Alt-Comedy scene, man-hating, what makes it to the US from the UK and vice versa, remaking British Comedies for the United States, Getting On, the U.S. obsession with looks, being in the thing you create, earning your place, getting insults thrown at you, Billy Connolly, Ken having to pretend to be Canadian, Up the Creek, The New Cross Tavern, Vic Reeves, Harry Enfield, Big Night Out, Shooting Stars, heckles, bits that don't work, coughing blood, snarky sarcasm, panels shows, The Newlywed Game, Mr. and Mrs., our modern fairy tales, My Three Sons, court ordered tea parties, Morecambe and Wise. The Young Ones, Hogan's Heroes, WWII, Ken's weird hair, Dick Van Dyke, Cheers, working in a pub, Bing Crosby, Hollywood Palace, the evils of Milton Berle, The Smothers Brothers, dogs, Davey and Goliath, Sunday Church TV, The Milton Berle of Vicars, the horrors of Northern Club Comics, women on TV, Lucille Ball, Morwenna Banks, Payton Place, half an hour of boring, Man from U.N.C.L.E., beautiful heckles, learning about weather, PBS, Haley Mills, Lost in Space, The Avengers, The Flying Nun, Bob Hope, warzones, the bouncing bomb and ending with 633 Squadron, a good old fashioned feel good British War film.