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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

March 17-23, 1984

This week Ken welcomes writer, former MTV VJ, editor, performer and all around good dude Dave Holmes to the show.

Ken and Dave discuss Dave's COVID-19 negative test result, Duff, cutting the line, Tickling Priscilla Presley, ruined childhoods, Gilbert and Sullivan, The Tennis Pro career of Kent Golden, Tom Villard, more tickling, confusing Jeff Goldblum for Eddie Deezen, the "lost" Hollywood Squares, Gallagher's ID, Night of the Dribbler, Fred Travalena, We Got it Maid, Price is Right, the satisfying colors of Tattletales, being over Diff'rent Strokes, Joel Higgin's love life, Martin Mull, Maggie Briggs, Mid-season replacements, Rich Little: Female Impersonator, Hot Hits, V66, Friday Night Videos, Linda Lavin in a challenging duel role, drawing Jack Nicholson, why The Sure Thing is the best movie ever, being not the Gary Cooper who is dead, athletes having plates of drugs for breakfast, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Foul Up, Bleeps and Blunders, how Kate & Allie is truly great, Cagney and Lacey, trying to impress boys by pretending you like AKA Pablo, Sting's acting career, Hart to Hart, Real People, The Facts of Life, Dynasty, America's Australian fever, Thicke of the Night, SCTV, Gimme a Break, Dolph Sweet, missing the Cosby Show, Simon and Simon, Webster and Benson, The Funny Boys, the sophistication of Season 2 of Double Trouble, The New Show, Game Shows that never happened, and believing Jack Palance OR ELSE.