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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 1, 2019

This week Ken welcomes fellow comedian and podcaster Sovereign Syre to the show.

Ken and Sovereign discuss having issues, SoapNet, shameful teenage love of Soap Operas, gameshows, talk shows, evening news, Generation X, growing up digital, stumble upon culture, The X-Files, missing Friends, Too Close for Comfort, Star Trek The Next Generation, conspiracy theories, Mad TV, Fox as the working class network, mainstream society catching up with how sex bomb Gillian Anderson is, being very very horribly old, Heavy Metal Magazine, sci-fi, Beverly Hills 90210, the trouble with True Crime, procedurals, the danger of people you know, medical problems, and anxious society, worst case scenarios, Drag, GLOW, Maron, biopics, period pieces, unnecessary boning in media, underdogs, fashion shows, the appeal of confidence, dealing with depression, Manhunter, Chris Elliot, the freeing nature of nihilism, how outfits affect your mood, murder, rebooting Murder She Wrote, why Living Single only works in the 90s (in a good way), Stranger Things, how technology is the new monster, wrestling with identity, trying to reverse engineer a handbook for life, being ok with being alone and independent, retreating to a place with simpler definitions, the beauty of restoration shows and Bronson Pinchot's love of Greek revival architecture.