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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 22, 2019

July 24-30, 1999

This week Ken welcomes comedian, entrepreneur and Woodstock '99 redeemer Jeff MacKinnon to the show.

Ken and Jeff discuss Ken's gift shop, trading card Ken Reid, Bradley Cooper's plastic surgery, eyebrows, Ken's fortress, never leaving your house, New Bedford, hippies, CBD oil, The Illuminati at Dallas International Airport, being a sugar kid, addiction, cherry pie, overeating, giving people wedgies as an adult, "shouties", TV Urban Legends, Paul Pfeiffer is not Marilyn Manson, The Newlywed Game "in the butt" incident, Catholic Guilt, naked comedy, The All That Festival, Amanda Bynes, Greg Proops, mental illness, how 1999 was a garbage year for music, Woodstock '94, Kid Rock, MTV, Sha-na-na, The Omega Man, the invention and cycles of nostalgia, The Golden Girls, George Clooney's doodles, teenagers, the invention of rock n roll, evolution, DIY Punk rock culture, The Real World Hawaii, ICP, not getting the joke, why Pulp Comics was Comedy Central's best ever stand up show, The View, how live music performance presentation has changed, the evolution of The Warped Tour, how failure leads to innovation, not pre-ordaining the outcome, being on The Price is Right, Plinko, how Hollywood executives never want to go out on a limb, starting over, finding your creative voice, the world having enough stand up comedians, Set List with Paul Provenza, interactive media, being present in live media, favorite porn stars, sucking dicks, Ally McBeal, The Hundred Greatest Women of Rock n Roll, hatred of I-talians, anti-heroes, maple syrup urine disease, Baby Boom, the new game "Sex, Marry, Adopt", The Original Kings of Comedy and revisiting Home Improvement.