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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 15, 2019

In this extra special episode of TV Guidance Counselor Ken presents three chats from this year's Denver Pop Culture Con.

First up is Ken's chat with the stars of Flash Gordon - Sam Jones and Melody Anderson. Ken, Sam and Melody discuss early success, how you can never be spoiled, when a job is a job, being overwhelmed, staying in shape, getting the part last minute, playing an iconic character, throwing out the script, being a giant spider, Buster Crabbe, the football scene, smacking Timothy Dalton around, bullwhips, shaved heads, wigs, generations of fans, cardboard boxes, Dino, and Life After Flash.

Next up Ken talks to actor Michael Rosenbaum. Ken and Michael discuss Smallville, songs, being in a band, The Crash Test Dummies, mic jokes, Michael's podcast "Inside of You", chewing gum, horror movies, Lex Luthor, cold fathers, shaving your head, auditioning for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, not reading scripts, needing love and validation,Grease, being unpopular in school, first kisses, the Billy Madison "kill list" scene with Steve Buscemi, holding grudges, Superman, hating Rotten Tomatoes, Siskel & Ebert, and Michael's band Left on Laurel,

Finally Ken talks to Claudia Christen. Ken and Claudia discuss actor vs. actress, running out of headshots, Babylon 5, Blacke's Magic, Columbo, The Hidden, New Year's eve at Charlton Heston's House, being a writer, giving back, The C3 Foundation, being a drug and alcohol counselor, the early days of CGI, blogging Babylon 5, watching yourself, how phones have ruined on set connections, being the Cute Commander, LGBT storylines, cooking for gamers, making friends with penpals, crying scenes, and Freaks and Geeks.