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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 29, 2019

April 19-25, 1997

Today Ken welcomes make up artist, cosplayer and podcaster Misti Dawn to the show.

Ken and Misti discuss Glendale, Hollywood's creepy underbelly, red light districts, the combat zone, JFK losing his mind, Kentucky, not wanting to leave the house, angry letters, being in Good Will Hunting, Catholic Schools, staring at a dead body as punishment, a cultural removal from the physics of death, Return of the Living Dead, growing up in a video store, Mormons, crushing on Jim Carrey, Once Bitten, the early days of the internet opening the world to you, Video Power, Johnny Arcade vs. Stivvy Poninski, Mel Gibson, having your first Halloween costume be before you were born, cosplay, Comic Conventions, Vamp, DTLA, Grace Jones, hating Dr. Phil, Jenny McCartney, Baywatch, big hair, Popeye, Xena, Lucy Lawless, Robert Altman's Gun, TV Version jackets, Linnea Quigly's Barbie Doll piece, Night of the Demons, pet psychics, sleeping to crime reenactments, Unsolved Mysteries, Ghoulies, movie tag lines, Angry Beavers, Nicktoons, visiting the Halloween shooting locations, magic shows, David Copperfield, ghosts, Misti calming Ken's issues with the new "It", representation in media, Castle Ghosts of England, Weekend at Bernie's, The Frighteners, Tales from the Crypt, Billy Zane, Quantum Leap, Full Moon Pictures, The Rocky Horror fan club, JTT, Hellraiser, Flash Drive Head, Waxwork, Valley Girl, being confused by the Marquis de Sade, smelling David Bowie, NIN, Blue Velvet, Loveline, the magic being gone, loving Danny DeVito, Leprechaun making you sad, Wishmaster, Netherworld, New Orleans, Halloween in Salem, pizza, and being committed to the Walking Dead despite everything.