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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 6, 2019

March 15-21, 1997

Today Ken welcomes comedian Maylin Pavletic to the show.

Ken and Maylin discuss condemned properties, neighborhood politics, Somerville, drug fronts, pee pee/poo poo vs. poo poo/pee pee houses, uncomfortable sexual situations at work, veterinarians, dogs, Matt Smith, prostitute loving soccer players, bad statues, monkey jesus, brunch, Lord of the Flies businesses, Ren & Stimpy, Frank Zappa: Pope, The Head, MTV Oddities, Oddville, Nicktoons, The Maxx, Goosebumps, Strangers with Candy, Wishbone, Strip Mall, Julie Brown, PBS, Ghostwriter, Clarissa Explains It All erotica, Second Civil War, That Reagan Woman, Taxi, X-Files, The Real World, Jenny McCartney, Larry: Thief, news bloopers, Weather with Al, things that wasn't not funny, the scratch tickets of alcohol, sneaking booze in, Ken's creepy comforts, WWF, surprising wrestling writers, Baywatch, Mark Paul Gossler in Mad for TV movies, hurtful garbage pseudo-science, weird kids, docudramas, Carmen Elektra, Singled Out, Dennis Rodman, town liars, bikini girls, propaganda, Greg Louganis and his love of Mario Lopez, Silk Stalkings, "I'm Dangerous Tonight", the world's greatest movie that never was "Rub Down", sports on the silver screen, North Dallas 40, Blue Chips, water polo, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Tyson v. Hollyfield, having a big dump in your pants, Not of This Earth, Blind Date, Roger Lodge, Traci Lords, Studs, Blind Date, Ken's hatred of lionization of serial killers, American Psycho, sleazy Sweeps Stunts, and Chevy Chase getting destroyed by Steven Bochco.