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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 20, 2019

Today Ken welcomes actor/comedian/involuntary investigational journalist Tom Arnold to the show.

Ken and Tom discuss Hirshfeld's of yourself, The Honeymooners, Jackie Gleason, getting paid $1 million to not be in the Honeymooners, The June Taylor Dancers, how sexy Florence Henderson was, autograph shows, peeing next to "Sophia Loren", growing up without a Mother, Loni Anderson, The Partridge Family, David Cassidy, Bill Cosby, the Me Too Era, Roseanne, context and intent, The Break, the horrors of Steve Bannon, supporting trans gender people, always learning, trying to be a good person, trying not to hurt people, why regrets can make you a better person, Barney Miller, playing poker with Alex Trebek, life lessons from Hal Linden, Judd Apatow asking for a raise, Norman Lear, Jane Fonda, being harassed by the Secret Service, being in physical fear, Iowa, small towns, the encouragement of teachers, WPIX, Festus from Gunsmoke, wanting to be on TV just once, working on a kill floor, meeting Andy Kaufman, loose meat sandwiches, Happy Joe's Pizza, how kids are the worst, fighting, blue collar shows, gallows humor, Joss Whedon, Spago, punching paparazzi, writing for yourself, True Lies, being for and against, Ken's beautiful Superman head, not ending on a suicide, meeting Gregory Peck, and finding an excuse not to drink that Frank Sinatra will buy.