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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 8, 2019

This week Ken welcomes Boston comedian Shawn Carter to the show.

Ken and Shawn discuss visiting Ken's house every two years, getting hugged by TV, assuming everyone is older than you, losing your hair, Shawn watching sports, getting off the Patriot's wagon, Ken's hatred of Gronk, Rockland MA, Plymouth Rock, clubbin', Skinemax Comedy, Boobs vs. Boobs after Midnight, HBO, running schoolyard gags, Mr. Walls, Mr. Enis, white suburban hip hop, Roseanne, Star Jones, ads with attitude, Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer battling man eating lions, Baywatch, Good Riddance(Time of Your Life), Limp Bizkit, college radio, getting into fights, TVGC guests Ken has turned down, Al Pacino, yelling as acting, Nicholas Cage, confusing Suddenly Susan and Veronica's Closet, people Ken has on his "to punch" list, PR firms, Mad About You, Diner, Joe Rogan, Newsradio, Body Builders, Home Improvement, Fraiser, strip clubs, bachelor parties, divorce, Wishbone, Dharma and Greg, Ken not looking like Thomas Gibson, Townies, Drew Carey, NBC, video games, working at Market Basket supermarket, Friday Night sadness, the KenCade, X-Files, Millennium, Summer School, Joe Torrie Curveballs Along the Way, The Bruins, Boston Comedy Softball, John Larroquette, why Ken will never be asked to perform in the Montreal Just for Laughs festival, the first re-runs of the year, and Ken's desire to see actual Dolphins play football.