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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 1, 2019

June 20 -26, 2004

Today Ken welcomes magician, comedian and master pickpocket Ben Seidman to the show.

Ken and Ben discuss dogs, weird relationships with TV, learning magic, what TV Guide has in common with Playboy, Ken's time in the UK, growing up in Milwaukee, Mid-west eyes, Butter Burgers, being an only child, central time, being an indoor kid, Prince, how practice makes friendless, martial arts, Making Believe, Krystyn Lambert, Boston bullies, Myq Kaplan, David Blaine, David Williamson, Penn & Teller, The Pendragons, Ricky Jay, David Copperfield, magic on TV, math, prank shows, developing original content, Charmed, being engaged, Paula Dean getting hit in the face with a frozen ham, Fabio's bird killing face, meat slap, Eggs and Well Being, French Bread Fencing, Survivor, Colleen Haskell, Fear Factor, twins, the 2004 Salem's Lot, The Sandlot, TV movies, The Prestige vs. The Illusionist, Doug Henning, Totally Hidden Extreme Magic, Scare Tactics, Ken's hatred of Pulp Fiction, Guy Pierce's Ultimate Guide to Tigers, This Old House, Scrubs, Graham Norton, Jacob's Ladder, Seinfeld, Joan of Arcadia, Comedy Central Presents, Mario Caontone, selling out, actors in commercials, Ken's old man complaints, Penn & Teller's Magical Mystery Tour, expecting better from Charlie Sheen and limp vasectomy themes.