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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 18, 2019

Today Ken welcomes actor, producer, director and all around talent Toy Newkirk to the show.

Ken and Toy discuss the Hollywood Hills, growing up a tomboy, donut families, Fonzie's swimming hole, the 1970s, the golden age of porn valley, not being allowed to watch TV, growing up with the Zappas, from Maryland to California, being an engineer, being a kid on sets, curiosity, throwing dirt at a commercial director, riding horses, ice skating, going on vacation with Kim Fields, auditioning for everything, the Hollywood African american support circle, being a tech geek, learning all the jobs on a set, MeToo moments, being a P.A., working your way up through the business, standing up for yourself, building your reputation, being a supervising producer, working for MTV, Room Raiders, working on the Howard Stern show on E!, having to deal with Trump producing a beauty pageant, seeing Obama speak, dealing with siblings who have passed away, feeling obligated to be the keeper of somebody's legacy, Nightmare on Elm St 4, representing the under-represented on screen, doing conventions, 227, celebrating fandom, having to be "on" all weekend, having a diverse crew, people helping people who remind them of themselves, moving to New York the week of 9/11, the feeling of community, finding the heart in a character, how great Michael Chiklis is, how great the current generation of crew is, breaking the norms, Hulu, loving movies, and having "Friends".