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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 4, 2019

January 7-13, 1989

After a long delay Ken finally welcomes comedian Mehran to the show.

Ken and Mehran discuss Ken's aversion to coming into the city, murderous athletes, the Venn Diagram of Euro-trash and townies, the J. Fred Muggs Awards, Geraldo, White Supremecists, representation on television, Adam Walsh, Stranger Danger, Iran, being an anchor baby, butt tapes, HBO's America Undercover, having a big dump in your pants, waiting on Mike Tyson, Night Court, sleazy TV, Golden Girls, LA Law, Scarface, the infamous Monroe assault episode of Too Close for Comfort, Hairspray, John Waters, reclaiming JAG, Larry Sanders, Tracy Ullman, ALF, not Newharting, MeToo, Les Mooves - scumbag, recovering alcoholics, Roseanne, Moonlighting, Growing Pains, born again shills, The Cosby Show, Jasmine Guy, A Different World, feeling bad for Benny, Perfect Strangers, Full House, Andrea Martin, and cracking the code of Neptune King of the Sea.