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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 29, 2018

September 3-9 , 1988

Today Ken welcomes comedian and host of TruTV's "Hack My Life" Brooke Van Poppelen to the show.

Ken and Brooke discuss Ken's L.A. Air Bnb, being stuck in Brooklyn, PTSD, being terrified of open spaces, panic attacks, Bablo Island, Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan, field trips, The Topsfield Fair, Stony Creek, board games, butter allergies, bulletproof coffee, the Olympics, a childhood as a gymnast, Miss America, The Peanuts, shared experiences, Freaks & Geeks, being a Lindsay Weir, The Wonder Years, the after school slot, Nickelodeon's Turkey TV, Canadian Television, the "before and after school room", Degrassi High, Los Angeles' infestation of mutant mosquitoes, being raised by weird Mid-Western couples who are not your parents, Roseanne, hillbillies, private school, bags old shoes, double fisting popcorn, free Potato Salad, Bag O'Burgers, Leave it to Beaver, working for the school newspaper, meeting Jerry Mathers, magical beings in your house shows, being a free range kid, childhood deaths by misadventure, the buddy system, growing up with a D.A.R.E. officer, S.A.R.G.E. the drug education robot, This American Life, peanut butter oil as a drug, Roscoe's School Program, TGIF, Full House, 8pm bedtimes, ALF, having two TV's, seeing films that are fall too challenging for your age with your father, Twin Peaks: The Return, Unsolved Mysteries, and the horrors of New Hampshire Pepsi Machines.