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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 21, 2018

December 16 -22, 1989

Today Ken welcome returning guest and TV Guidance Counselor All-Star Lamont Price back to the show.

Ken and Lamont discuss the questionable racism of old media, skywriters, screwballs, Looney Toons cloud fights, animated sketch shows, black people's cultural Stockholm syndrome, cultural norms, Blackula, Bernie Casey, John Hughes fear of black people, White White Christmases, Motown Christmas, Bernie Mac Show, Christmas Lights, Good Times, getting thrown a bone, The Jeffersons, LeVar Burton, Mr. Rogers, seeing Eddie Vedder at a bar, Run DMC's Christmas in Hollis, Cape Codder, Amen, Booker, Richard Grieco, the birth of The Simpsons, Married...with Children, MacGuyver, magical Christmas statues, Lucy, Scrooge, Wee Willy Winky Pajamas, defending A Christmas Story, generational hatred of It's a Wonderful Life, Rescue 911, Scotty Pippin vs. HIV, Ken's weak grasp of Basketball, Chuck Connors, The Rifleman, corporal punishment as a kid, Wrestling moves, terrifying home decor, Unsolved Mysteries Christmas Special, Hatbox Children and the Telephone Santas, Australian Christmas, Night Court, A Claymation Christmas Celebration, The California Raisins, A Different World, Facts of Life, loving Cree Summer, Garfield, Charlie Brown Christmas, Lamont's unapologetic championing of Lucy Van Pelt, how Violet is the real villain, and why Just the Ten of Us is the greatest show of all time.