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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 15, 2018

October 7-13, 1989

This week Ken welcomes co-host of Throwing Shade and author of Feminasty Erin Gibson to the show.

Ken and Erin discuss fancy hotel entitlement, hospitality industry jobs, why you should always rob criminals, Hollywoods One Chubby Girl at a time rule, Delta Burke, Gerald McRaney, the quest for judgement, how women are treated in Hollywood, Eating Disorders, why it's important to talk about stuff, Linda Bloodworth Thomeson, Les Moonves, sticking to your guns, sticking up for yourself, Just the Ten of Us, sexist D.C., Mr. Belvedere, the "manny" subgenre, learning from Sitcoms, I Married Dora, growing up poor, if it's better or worse to know your show is being canceled while you are still shooting it, being not pretty enough, Hollywood being brutally honest for no reason, watching Ladyhawke as Sex Ed, Mystic Pizza, entertainment industry restaurants, playing a mom at 30, The Monster Squad, the other f-word, not supporting monsters, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, aspirational television, changing demographics, hidden secret sitcoms, ALF, Cats, Cats The Musical, Hill St. Blues, Night Court, Hard Copy, 20/20, not trusting people with beards, Peter Horton's look, This Old House, WGBH, PBS, missing your opportunity to call someone out, and how Steve Urkel ruined Family Matters.